Leading businesses

More than 7,000 new businesses have emerged in Chemnitz and the region since 1995. The predominantly SME structure and excellently qualified experts in the region give businesses the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to market changes – which is one of the bases of Chemnitz’s sustainability.

Apart from the Volkswagen car factory, ThyssenKrupp, Continental and IBM, other leading businesses in Chemnitz include Hörmann Rawema and Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. Foreign investors also place their trust in the location: Starrag (Switzerland) merged with Heckert. Niles Simmons (USA), Barmag (Switzerland) and Anchor Lamina (Canada) have also specifically chosen to base themselves in Chemnitz.

This is thanks to the city’s impressive industrial competency, as well as the attractive conditions for starting up new businesses. Investors can also enjoy useful funding options.