Chemnitz has become a centre of modern industrial technologies. Its core automotive and mechanical engineering industries are closely interlinked with a broad base of companies from similar industries, e.g. material and coating technology, metalworking, and automation technology.
This system competence and a strong presence of closely related service providers ensure the value added chain is fully covered. Investors not only benefit from promising market potential, but also from a broad supplier base.
Along with the focus areas of mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, steps are also being taken to establish microsystem technology and RFID applications, which are currently providing a driving force here. The development of technical textiles creates new products, which underline the innovative strength of local businesses and open up new market potential.
Specialised research and development partners such as the University of Technology, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) and Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS), and IAV Automotive Engineering are all based in Chemnitz. 



The traditional forte of Chemnitz and its surrounds has always been the automotive industry. Legendary brands such as Horch, Audi and Wanderer originated here. Auto Union AG was founded in 1932, before the area also became the main hub of the GDR’s automotive industry. 


Automotive engineering still has deep roots in the city even today. More than 250 companies supply this economic sector; two thirds of the suppliers in Saxony are located in Chemnitz and surrounds. This broad base of suppliers means the entire value added chain can be covered.

Over 10,000 regional vehicle construction specialists and the some 2000 industrial/technical graduates who join the workforce each year ensure the industry’s expert potential remains strong. Local research and development also help successfully perpetuate the automotive tradition: A sales increase of around 40 percent was achieved in the automotive sector between 2003 and 2008.

With the aim of combining existing competencies with strategic development fields, and thus securing their capacity for innovation, processing and supplying, as well as for cross-border partnerships, the Saxon automotive companies all co-operate as part of the "AMZ Verbundinitiative Automobilzulieferer Sachsen" (in the RKW). 

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Mechanical and plant engineering

Based on a 150-year industrial history, Chemnitz is today the centre of East German mechanical engineering. More than 100 medium-sized businesses work in this sector, and over 500 mechanical engineering and supplier companies are located in the surrounding area.


The industry is characterised by an export quota of almost 50 percent. Productivity has more than doubled since 1995.
The Chemnitz region also offers outstanding skills when it comes to manufacturing machine tools, textile machines and special machinery, and also in terms of automation technology. Over 10,000 experts work in the industry.

Mechanical engineering companies co-operate in the networks run by the Verbundinitiative Maschinenbau Sachsen, the Interessenverband Chemnitzer Maschinenbau e.V. and the Kompetenzzentrum Maschinenbau Chemnitz/Sachsen e.V..

Chemnitz is the ideal place to establish and develop technical services. Many companies from the most important user industries of automotive construction, machine toolmaking and automation are based in the city. In recent years, vast average gross investments have been made in fixed assets in mechanical engineering compared to other European regions.

DHL’s new European express and logistics portal at the easily accessible Leipzig/Halle airport premises has created new potential for local businesses to develop their own service quality.

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Microsystem technology

The Chemnitz region is one of the most important microsystem technology clusters in Europe. This is particularly due to the intensive microtechnology research being performed at Chemnitz University of Technology (TU Chemnitz). 


The TU Chemnitz runs a centre for microtechnologies, as well as professorships for instrumentation and sensor technology, microsystem and equipment engineering, microtechnology and microproduction engineering. Over 500 university students study in this field, and the first trainees have commenced their apprenticeships in the new vocational training field of Microtechnology.

The department of Micro Devices Integration at the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS) and the department of System Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) also act as important non-university research partners. Companies such as 3D Micromac, Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronikanwendungen Chemnitz mbH GEMAC, Memsfab GmbH and Microspace Mess- und Sensortechnik GmbH operate very successfully in Chemnitz.

The proximity to the most important user industries – the automotive industry and mechanical engineering/automation – is a particular advantage. With the new Chemnitz Microsystems Technology Smart Systems Campus, microsystem technology companies which have recently started up or are looking to start up have the perfect environment to do so, tailored to their specific needs.

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