Chemnitz - Innovation and tradition

Chemnitz is a modern metropolis in the heart of Europe – right near the EU member states of Poland and the Czech Republic. The former Karl-Marx-Stadt is home to around 240,000 people, while the entire Chemnitz administrative district has a population of 1.53 million.

In Chemnitz, traditional inventive spirit meets the high-tech developments of the 21st century. The former “Saxon Manchester” clings into its over-150-year tradition as the centre of mechanical engineering, but is also increasingly becoming one of Germany’s leading research and development centres, as evidenced by the University of Technology, as well as a number of research institutes. Since the reunification, the city’s ever-growing industrial culture, characterised by small and medium-sized businesses, lives off constant innovation and modernisation.

According to the Wirtschaftswoche rankings, Chemnitz is one of Germany’s fastest growing cities. 


  • The city of Chemnitz: 241,705 residents Regional population (Chemnitz administrative district): approx. 1.53 million
  • Technological centre with the following industries: Automotive and supplier industry, information technology, Mechanical and plant engineering
  • A leading place of research and development, e.g. in micro system technology
  • One of the fastest growing cities in Germany (WiWo 2011)
  • High quality of life thanks to excellent cultural services and a charming natural environment