Chemnitz is booming!

In September 2008, CWE started an online job platform called “Chemnitz zieht an!” (“Chemnitz is booming”), which helps Chemnitz businesses look for specialists. It also provides information to specialists wanting to return to their home region.

The Internet portal offers local businesses a broad platform for presentation and communication to canvass specialists. The company information is also combined with soft location factors, such as the city’s cultural life and recreational services, and similarly mentions the various advantages of living and working in Chemnitz, e.g. low living expenses and excellent job and career prospects.

Adopting a unique concept not found anywhere else in Germany, the businesses hire the city’s business development company (CWE) to recruit staff. 28 companies currently use the platform to place job advertisements for a wide range of professionals, such as engineers, technical experts and software developers. The campaign’s target group includes people wanting to return home to Chemnitz, commuters, graduates from Chemnitz University of Technology, as well as specialists with no previous link to the city or region.
Apart from the career prospects a city has to offer, soft location factors are also playing an increasingly bigger role when it comes to specialists deciding whether or not to accept a job. “Chemnitz zieht an!” aims to help highlight and further promote Chemnitz’ potential.

"Chemnitz zieht an!" job portal

Ms Katrin Bothe
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Katrin Bothe 


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